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Bulk Mulch - Pine Bark Mulch

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Pine Bark Mulch is an attractive ground cover. The smothering action provided by two to three inches of pine bark mulch acts as a strong deterrent to the starting of new weed growth. Its resistance to water erosion promotes soil preservation. It's extremely slow to decay and is 100 percent organic. Landscape fabric is recommended for maximum weed protection.

$49 per cubic yard picked-up from Wayne's Country Market - delivery available from Wayne's for $25 up to 12 cubic yards - spreading available from the Boosters for $35 per cubic yard.

If you want it delivered then you also need to purchase the "Delivery of Bulk Mulch" fee of $25 on this site.

If you want it spread then you also need to purchase the "A Great Spreading Team for Bulk Mulch" fee of $35 per cubic yard on this site.