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Bulk Mulch - Pine Bark Nuggets

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Pine Bark Nuggets are a popular type of mulch due to their natural resistance to decomposing and the rich, dark appearance they can provide. Although Pine Bark Nuggets may take a while to compose, when they do, they contribute valuable nutrients to surrounding plants. Pine Bark Nuggets’ capability of withholding moisture is great for keeping plants roots from drying out on a hot summer day. Pine Bark Nuggets also provide erosion protection during the rainy season.

$49 per cubic yard picked-up from Wayne's Country Market - delivery available from Wayne's for $25 up to 12 cubic yards - spreading available from the Boosters for $35 per cubic yard.

If you want it delivered then you also need to purchase the "Delivery of Bulk Mulch" fee of $25 on this site.

If you want it spread then you also need to purchase the "A Great Spreading Team for Bulk Mulch" fee of $35 per cubic yard on this site.